Arising from Louisville, Kentucky’s underground scene, The Villebillies have worked hard over the years to achieve recognition in the music industry and earn the admiration and respect of fans and fellow musicians alike. With their down home attitude and an eclectic, crossgenre musical style, The Villebillies display a realness and originality that is all too rare in the world of popular music. Read More

Elephant Room, formed in 2009, is an alternative hip hop group out of Louisville, Kentucky. Their sound generally contains elements of hip hop, rock, and pop, while also encompassing heavy metal. The band’s name – Elephant Room, derives from the metaphor “Elephant in the room” which is largely due to the lyrical content. The group is able to tap into political, pop culture, and social issues in a unique and original fashion. Read More

Bass Drum Aliens Is a musical journey led by 2 dope boys in an intergalactic Caddilac exploring the next level of the hip hop opotimus movement combining dub step rhythms with space age funk to create the ultimate euphoria necessary for interstellar awakening. Read More