Elephant Room 2014

Elephant Room is something that unquestionably must be experienced!!! The band’s name derives from the metaphor “Elephant in the room” which is largely due to the in-your-face unabashed lyrical content. The group is able to tap into political, pop culture, and social issues in a unique and unprecedented fashion. Formed in early 2009, this multifarious hip hop group out of Louisville, Kentucky has an all-embracing sound that contains various elements of hip hop, rock, pop, and the right blend of metal.

ER’s uniqueness and authenticity has turned the heads of even the most skeptical critics. Fans range from various musical tastes in most part due to band’s bewildering live performances. Each individual member displays their own artistic approach and personal magnetism for the audience. To say they are entertaining is a gross understatement! Since their debut, ER has shared the stage with local and national artists such as Yelawolf, Rittz, Hed (P.E.), The Villebillies, The Wu-Tang Clan, Sublime with Rome, and Tech N9ne.

The group recently recorded and released their first full studio album! “Dumbo’s Circus” is an accomplishment that not only showcases the band’s appeal and stylishness, but also displays their growth and maturation as artists. It would seem, based off of “Dumbo’s Circus,” that the proverbial “sky is the limit” for where this band could go…and even more importantly, for the music they have an obvious passion to create. “Dumbo’s Circus” has features on tracks from artists such as RITTZ, Carri McMullan, Skinny Deville of “Nappy Roots,” Child of the “Villebillies” and “Gentlemen Hounds,” T-Razor, Manfred, Jellyroll, Demi ‘Pinecone’ Demaree, Jellyroll, and Bukshot!

Elephant Room has previously released “The Movement” which is available as a free download on this website!


Shevy Chase
Shelby “Bag o’Snakes” Nunn
Kriz Keyz

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